Upload Signatures

Before creating a video you must first generate an upload signature and upload your source video. The upload signature allows you to upload directly to the vzaar upload bucket on AWS S3. Once your video has been successfully uploaded, you can then proceed with video creation.

Unless you are implementing your own custom upload process, this should be handled by the official client library of your choice.

For more information about upload signatures, please refer to the Upload Signatures documentation.


Video Categorisation

The ability to categorise a video is only available via PATCH requests. When categorising a video, please take note of the following three scenarios:

  1. If you do not specify the category_ids parameter, any existing categorisation will remain untouched.
  2. If you specify an empty array for category_ids all existing categorisation will be lost i.e. you are specifying that your video should be in no categories.
  3. If you provide one or more category id values for category_ids your video will be categorised to match your provided values i.e. all previous categorisation is removed and the video is recategorised based on the values you provide.
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