This signature is required for a multi-part file upload. Typically this would be for larger files. The size of your file MUST be at least 5MB. If your file does not meet this minimum size limitation then you will receive an error response when requesting the signature.

The signature will provide a part_size which specifies the size of each uploaded part. Only the final part uploaded can be smaller than the specified part_size. This MUST be respected or your video will either fail during processing (if you upload fewer parts than expected), or your video will be missing some of the original source (if you upload more parts than expected).

The default part_size is currently 16MB, but this is subject to change. Please contact support if you want your default changed.

For more information about multipart uploads and S3, please see the AWS documentation


Desired Part Size

If you do not provide a desired part size, vzaar will determine the best part size for you to use based on your file size. If your file size is less than the default part size, you will be provided with the part size to use.

If you specify a desired part size, this will be validated. The signature will contain either your desired part size if you provided a valid value, or in the case that your desired part size is invalid, a valid part size will be provided.

You MUST specify a desired part size in MB.

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