System Level Authentication

This describes what's needed to access protected resources on vzaar in a two legged oAuth implementation.

Obtaining a application token

  1. Log into using your login credentials (username / password)
  2. Go to
  3. Generate your Application Token

usage guidlines

When sending an oauth request from your application use the following

  • Consumer Key - empty string
  • Consumer Secret - empty string
  • Access Token - your vzaar login name
  • Access Token Secret - your generated Application Token


ruby example using oauth gem:

gem 'oauth'
  require 'oauth/consumer'
  def delete_video(id)
	@consumer = '', '', { :site => '' } # Empty strings for Consumer Key and Consumer Secret
	    token = 'some_vzaar_login' # Replace with your vzaar login
	    secret = 'Gg6VLOZbJCARECba3TuBQSoQiMYBt8QgjslCLPUYiJg' # Paste the generated Valet Key 
	    @access_token =, token, secret)
	    @res = @access_token.delete("/videos/#{id}.xml") # Send the request, in this case using 'delete' method

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